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Our clients are modern leaders, teams, and organizations that need to rapidly grow leadership capability to achieve their most important strategic goals. We focus on the “human” behind the leader to create a development journey that helps them achieve transformational change. Excelling in these critical areas requires the modern leader to move beyond a conventional understanding of ‘leading.’ We work with leaders in a deeply individualized way to accelerate leadership wisdom for today and build leader capability for tomorrow.

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We know leadership development can seem like a big, black box. Development offerings are created for a general audience, instead of individual leaders with specific needs. Leadership programs lack close alignment to a company’s business, strategy and desired organizational outcomes. These initiatives are often focused on incremental improvement of leadership skills, but not true transformational change. More in-depth leadership development experiences are often only reserved for leaders at the highest levels of an organization.

There is a better way.

We are passionate about helping leaders build the critical capabilities that drive organizational results. Through our work we create a development journey that inspires people – that gets them excited about the future, curious about what’s around the next corner, and deeply satisfied with their chosen path. They gain a strong sense of purpose and how they want to impact the world. This alignment enables leaders to achieve extraordinary business results with and through their teams. Along the way we seek to bring more nature, wonder and magic to their work and life – the ‘stuff of the stuff.’

We encourage our clients to choose their development experiences carefully. As we focus on deep, transformational leadership work, we ask leaders to be fully committed and engaged in the process to maximize their growth. We are confident that if you put in the effort, you will achieve your desired outcomes.

In your development journey, let us be the partner that runs hard and fast with you.

Wayland Managing Director Copperbox


If you’re looking to move beyond your current capabilities to achieve next-level leadership, Copperbox can help.

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