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    To ensure a successful start to your engagement, we spend the time to get to know you deeply, and establish a strong partnership in service of your growth as a professional and leader. This means building mutual trust so we can best support you and your goals, and understanding your development priorities before liftoff.

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    We utilize personality and leadership assessment tools at the beginning of our work with you to gain an understanding of your values, leadership and communication styles, and professional/personal ambitions. These insights give you choice among the areas that you see most critical for your development.

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    We invest time in understanding your business, organization and industry to support your goals and unique development needs within the proper context of your business reality. This also sets the stage for the work we will do to further develop your strategic thinking.

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    Alignment is about ensuring your core purpose and personal values are in harmony with your mandates as a business leader. This alignment impacts not only your individual effectiveness, but how well you can inspire your team. Regardless of your career stage, we help you get clear on your core purpose, focusing on the passions and gifts that you desire to contribute to the world. This deep sense of purpose then becomes the foundation on which the rest of our work with you will be built.

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    We provide you a disciplined approach to making strategic decisions, based on the business goals you must achieve and the mandates you have as a strategic enterprise leader. Our approach builds your ability to think strategically by systematically introducing mental models that go from simple to complex, addressing the level of complexity of your company’s business environment. You will also work on tangible deliverables that can be used to advance the strategic thinking and planning process to benefit you and your team.

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    As an enterprise leader, you create impact through your own team, as well as through partnerships you have fostered across the organization. Once you start to build your leadership and strategic thinking capability through our work together, we introduce our proprietary Social Network Analysis tool to help you identify: (1) individuals within your network who are most critical to your success and the success of your organization, (2) the overall health of relationships – yours and those of your key people, and (3) how efficiently mission-critical directives are relayed and carried out within your organization.

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    You are our work. And even as our journey together comes to an end, we know your growth as a person and as a leader never stops. As you transition from your work with us to ‘re-entry,’ we help you think about your ongoing development and celebrate your progress to date. You have grown significantly as a leader, with a renewed sense of purpose and better equipped to capitalize on opportunities and meet the challenges of your organization.

Years of Experience
Leaders Assessed and Developed
Countries Across
Focus: Developing You into a Globally Competitive Modern Leader


Copperbox provides bespoke leadership development for the ‘modern’ leader. Our approach combines the content-rich learning of leadership programs with the custom development experience of executive coaching.

We bring the art and science of leadership, partnering with top leaders across industries to help them achieve transformational change. Our approach allows us to work with clients on the most important aspects of their development while powerfully addressing the ever-changing business situations they will face as modern leaders.

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It takes 20 years of exposure to the sun, wind, rain and snow to create a deeply rich, green patina on the surface of copper. The weathered beauty that copper develops over time is an apt metaphor for the development of leaders.

Like copper, people are also exposed to different elements which can draw out the richness of the human experience and reveal the unique character, developed over time, of the leader within.

At Copperbox, we accelerate the client’s journey through this process of transformational growth to become richer and deeper versions of themselves, and ultimately leaders who have profound lasting impact – on their people, their organization, and their community.

Copperbox Is...

Wayland K. Lum

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Wayland works with leaders at all levels to fully develop their leadership potential and achieve profound transformational change. His approach draws from the latest leadership research and adds in a healthy dose of nature, wonder and magic – elements that enliven the human experience, inspire growth and deepen wisdom. He marries the science and art of leadership to take clients through bespoke development experiences that are designed to help them evolve into significantly stronger leaders.

Prior to founding Copperbox, Wayland was a core team member of Korn Ferry’s CEO and Executive Development practice. His work included leadership coaching and real-time executive assessment, as well as designing leadership development programs that expand executive thinking. He has worked with hundreds of leaders globally in organizations such as Abbvie, McKinsey, Scholastic, Nike, Deloitte, John Deere, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and State Farm. His experience living and working in China, the UK and Mexico has given him a nuanced perspective on how to lead effectively across different countries, regions and cultures. He has also led executive career development for top talent at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business’ Executive MBA Programs in North America and Europe.

Education and Credentials

Wayland earned his MBA from Baruch College and his BA in I/O Psychology from SJSU. Currently, he is completing his graduate studies in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University. He is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and is a certified professional coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

And Life…

When he is not doing the work he loves, you will likely find Wayland playing his guitar, running through Texas Hill Country, cooking with family and friends, or practicing the Japanese ‘art’ of Tsundoku (buying books and letting them pile up unread).

Dan Kenary

Daniel C. Kenary, Jr.

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Prior to co-founding Copperbox, Dan worked at a private equity firm in Chicago, where he led market research strategies to uncover investment opportunities across a various industries. He mentored and coached junior team members and was critical to the firm’s acquisition of two companies during his time there. Eager to tap into his entrepreneurial spirit, Dan then joined Here Here, a startup where he built the B2B and B2C business models and developed sourcing and recruiting initiatives to support field sales, marketing, mobile/web development, and officer positions.

Dan began his career at PIMCO Investments in New York as an account manager, providing economic insight, product information, and investment solutions to independent and wirehouse financial advisors as well as RIA and institutional investors. He loved working with such a diverse client base, understanding their needs and perspectives, and earning their trust to ultimately provide optimal and timely investment solutions.

Education and Credentials

Dan earned his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, with concentrations in Behavioral Science, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management. He received his BA from The College of the Holy Cross, majoring in English and Philosophy. He was awarded the CFA Institute’s Claritas Investment Certificate and holds his Series 7 and 63 securities licenses.

And Life…

Dan has a love for the outdoors. Growing up in New England, he cherishes an escape to Vermont with his family where he can most likely be found hiking in the Fall, mountain biking in the Summer, and skiing or playing pond hockey in the winter. He has a 2-year-old Yellow Lab named Abbie and wherever Dan is, she is sure to be close by (or way up ahead on a hike!).


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