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Satisfied clients


Satisfied clients


Satisfied clients


We engaged Copperbox to help us with strategic planning during a critical pre-series round of funding for our business. We needed to quickly align as a senior leadership team on our strategic priorities and ensure buy-in by all the key executives on our team. It was evident from the beginning that our Copperbox partners were heavily invested in our success and committed to providing us not only an excellent strategic planning process, but the opportunity to work more effectively as a top team. Their methodology and approach helped us distill the complexities of our business into key priorities, which provided a foundation for our strategic plan. Copperbox demonstrated a keen understanding of our business goals and objectives, and their ability to guide us through creating a comprehensive strategy was remarkable. We've come to rely on Wayland and his team as trusted partners.

Working with my Copperbox coach for two years enhanced my leadership skills. He assisted me in becoming a more self-aware and compassionate leader for my team through a variety of thought-provoking exercises.

My coach also assisted me in improving intercompany relationships and my effectiveness with other business leaders within the company.

His strategic approach and consulting were very beneficial to my leadership and professional development.

Way doesn’t simply help leaders navigate the challenges of complex organizations, but also takes a uniquely personalized approach focused on your particular leadership journey. For me, it rapidly became apparent that achieving my fullest sense of self as a leader was only ever going to be possible by reflecting on how that was experienced through others. Way created several custom exercises to fit my place along the path, guiding me through them in real time. We then recalibrated and created anew for each session, dynamically charting a personal evolution in the process.

One-on-one personalized coaching was a completely different experience than any program I had been through before. The focus of the coaching was to help me more clearly identify strengths, areas of opportunity and action to change through self-reflection. My coach had a unique style of being able to drive through a lot of content and material in a very calm and supportive way. I was very pleased with the clarity that this experience gave me and the confidence I walked away with. I enjoyed my experience and appreciate having had the opportunity to work with my coach. I am a much more effective manager having had this experience!

My Copperbox coach helped me when I was preparing for a more senior position within my company and needed to develop my enterprise leadership capability. Through our work together I was able to find a better balance between driving operational excellence and adding more strategic value. His unique ability to draw out development opportunities, provide deep insights, and present them in a challenging yet supportive way was really appreciated. One thing that still stands out for me is how hard my coach pushed me to self-identify what my unique leadership style is – the brand I want to have as a leader, my key superpowers and how will I flex them. He also worked with me to shift my mindset on managing the diverse talent on my team so I could be more effective in engaging team members and fostering their development. My work with my coach has helped me become a more. caring, inspiring, and ultimately, more effective leader.

What I didn't know is how impactful and transformative my work with Copperbox would be. Their steady and insightful coaching helped me lean into every aspect of my leadership potential, while also providing me with practical approaches to challenges that will inevitably arise. My only regret is that I could not have my Copperbox coach for the tenure of my deanship!

Barbara and Wayland were an absolute pleasure to work with. They saw my flaws and my qualities and were creative and effective to help me become a better, more effective manager and colleague. What really touched me was their level of empathy - my obstacles became their obstacles and they truly thought about me even when they were “off the clock,” identifying ways to add value. This ranged from articulating or emailing methodologies directly, to recommending industry articles, books and biographies. Everything they recommend was well thought out and catered specifically to me and my situation. I also would say working with them both simultaneously was particularly helpful as they are a very good Yin and Yang and collectively bring so much to the table. Whether you work with them individually or are lucky enough to work with them both simultaneously, I am a huge fan and highly recommend them!

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