Katerina Bohle Carbonell, Social Network Analysis Expert

Katerina Bohle Carbonell

Social Network Analysis Expert


Katerina uses her expertise in social network analysis to partner with leadership coaches in their work and advises HR analytic companies on relevant human capital-related KPIs. Since 2016 she has taught data-driven decision making for organizational performance at Northwestern University.

Katerina also co-founded Human-Matter, a space for exploring how technology and behavioural science can be combined to help people live better lives.

To help others move away from a person-focused to an eco-system focused mindset, Katerina regularly writes about the importance of communities, meaningful relationships, and the web of interactions and connections everyone has.

Education and Credentials

Katerina earned her Ph.D in social network analysis and human behaviour at Maastricht University (The Netherlands), where she also completed her Master of Science in Strategic Learning for a Knowledge Society. She has published articles on innovative learning and social network analysis in the Mixed Methods Social Network Analysis and The Internet and Higher Education, among other publications. Katerina has also contributed to the HSTalks series Future Work Now. Her passion for learning and professional growth has led her to join the On Deck Course Creator Fellowship, a community for top talent to grow their career through action-oriented programing and peer-to-peer learning.

And Life…

When Katerina is not talking about or analysing networks, you will find her in the middle of nowhere camping, hiking or sailing with her children or in the middle of the kitchen trying out a new recipe. If it looks like no one needs her she will pick up her Kindle for a good read. After moving several times (Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, South Korea, USA, Ireland), she has given up on building up a physical library and now carries her library in her pocket.

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