Kim Eisendrath

Practitioner in Residence /
Leader Wellness

Expertise and Coaching Approach

Kim began her career as a special education teacher, curious about the mind-body connection and having a deep compassion for those who learned, processed and absorbed information differently. Acting as a consultant and advocate for those who did not thrive within the prescribed systems, she continued her learning to support her students and their families. Kim developed a passion for identifying opportunities for change to enhance the support for those with different needs.

Kim has brought her heart for serving others into her wellness practice. She is a 20-year yoga practitioner and certified yoga teacher, specializing in stress, anxiety and trauma. Her work with clients incorporates neuroscience and the mind-body connection, and how the body holds onto the stories and beliefs we have about ourselves and the world. Kim guides her clients to use specific and targeted practices which allow them to unravel what has been holding them back, achieve a clearer vision of their present, and ultimately self-regulate their stress management leading to higher level thinking and processing skills. Seeing her clients release the stories and the tension held in their systems is another step towards making the world a better place.

In addition to her role at Copperbox, Kim also serves as the Somatic Clinician for the Here and Now Mental Wellness Clinic.

Education and Credentials

Kim is a certified yoga teacher RYT-200, and has additional certifications in Yoga for Trauma, Advanced Polyvagal Theory in Yoga, TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises), Neurogenic Yoga and is currently in the process of working towards her 300 Yoga Certification in Myofascial Yoga. Kim received her Master of Arts in Teaching, in learning disabilities and social emotional disorders from National-Louis University, and a Bachelors in Arts from University of Illinois.

And Life…

When she is not working with clients or running impactful workshops, Kim loves to do yoga (of course), hike on the coast or in the mountains, read, and hang out with her husband, Bobby. She is constantly entertained by her two twenty-something children. Kim also enjoys doting on her two Havanese dogs, Hallie and Lucy, as well as connecting with friends over tea and a good laugh.

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