Leadership is hard work

We know that inspiring your people, engaging your customers and rising to meet these moments of truth every day is hard work. Research studies estimate that 15% of the variance in profitability can be attributed to a firm’s leadership. Our work with hundreds of leaders has shown us that:

  • If you cannot help your company think strategically beyond the current business, you become less valuable as you move into more senior leadership positions.
  • Failing to build a strong foundation of leadership skills early on will leave you playing catch up to close key skill gaps. Precious time can be lost in figuring out how to become a better leader.
  • If you are only thinking about your company’s future through your current competitive reality, you are not thinking about your company’s future.
  • There’s a difference between managing, leading or truly inspiring your people. To be an effective senior leader, you need to be able to not only manage and lead, but inspire.

Copperbox aligns leader development directly to a company’s strategy and organizational objectives, ensuring leaders build capability in areas most critical to the future of their business. We help rising enterprise leaders gain clarity on their purpose, grow their strategic thinking and activate change across their organizations. These are leaders who can then make better decisions for their company’s future and truly inspire their teams to do their best work.


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