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Wayland helped me when I was preparing for a more senior position within my company and needed to develop my enterprise leadership capability. Through our work together I was able to find a better balance between driving operational excellence and adding more strategic value. His unique ability to draw out development opportunities, provide deep insights, and present them in a challenging yet supportive way was really appreciated. One thing that still stands out to me is how hard Wayland pushed me to self-identify what my unique leadership style is – the brand I want to have as a leader, my key superpowers and how will I flex them. Wayland also worked with me to shift my mindset on managing the diverse talent on my team so I could be more effective in engaging team members and fostering their development. My work with Wayland has helped me become a more caring, inspiring, and ultimately, more effective leader.

- Head of Strategy, Global Operations & Technology, Global Apparel and Footwear Company

One-on-one personalized coaching was a completely different experience than any program I had been through before. The focus of the coaching was to help me more clearly identify strengths, areas of opportunity and action to change through self-reflection. Wayland has a unique style of being able to drive through a lot of content and material in a very calm and supportive way. I was very pleased with the clarity that this experience gave me and the confidence I walked away with. I enjoyed my experience and appreciate having had the opportunity to work with Wayland. I am a much more effective manager having had this experience!

- Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Multinational Publishing, Education and Media Company

Way doesn’t simply help leaders navigate the challenges of complex organizations, but also takes a uniquely personalized approach focused on your particular leadership journey. For me, it rapidly became apparent that achieving my fullest sense of self as a leader was only ever going to be possible by reflecting on how that was experienced through others. Way created several custom exercises to fit my place along the path, guiding me through them in real time. We then recalibrated and created anew for each session, dynamically charting a personal evolution in the process.

- Vice President, Global Brand Marketing

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