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What We Offe


Leadership solutions designed to help executives and teams make rapid, measurable progress on the knowledge, skills, and mindset gaps that directly impact their ability to achieve key business goals.

Example programs:

  • Signature Leadership Program
  • High Value Creation Teams
  • 1:1 Leadership & Executive Coaching


Strategy solutions equip leaders with a strategic mindset and enable them to more quickly identify opportunities and threats as they emerge.

We help executives avoid getting lost in analysis paralysis and debate, and instead create a strong actionable link between strategy and execution.

Example programs:

  • The Strategic Leader Program
  • Strategy Formulation and Planning
  • White Water


Wellness solutions empower executives with practical methods to immediately restore their sense of well-being and balance.

Powerful tools and skills help executives release tension, achieve restoration, and develop emotional and physical resilience to disruptors.

Example programs:

  • Energy Management for Senior Leaders
  • 1:1 Executive Wellness Coaching

Our Clients Are Our Work

And their development needs are as unique as they are. We focus on developing the leaders they are and push them to grow into the leaders they need to be. However, there are universal principles we apply in our work with them – a leader’s growth must align to their company’s strategy, leaders who are strategic contribute more at higher levels, and understanding organizational connectivity is essential to enterprise leadership. Based on these principles we help our clients realize their full potential and successfully navigate the complexities of their organizations in those decisive moments of leadership.


If you’re looking to move beyond your current capabilities to achieve next-level leadership, Copperbox can help.

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