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What We Offe

Modern Leader Development

We help rising executives build enterprise leadership capability, strategic thinking and increased organizational awareness through a unique combination of designed learning session, personalized executive coaching and organizational network analysis.

Amplifying Team Performance

Our approach to helping leadership teams win in the marketplace focuses on capturing team purpose, identifying team member’s unique talents, optimizing collaborative work practices, and accelerating team learning to achieve sustained high performance.

Copperbox CUstom Programs

We develop dynamic, custom group learning environments designed to provide individuals and teams with new perspectives on modern leadership. Participants learn how to bring their deeply personal vision and values to positively impact their people, organizations and customers in a way that truly inspires.

Our Clients Are Our Work

And their development needs are as unique as they are. We focus on developing the leaders they are and push them to grow into the leaders they need to be. However, there are universal principles we apply in our work with them – a leader’s growth must align to their company’s strategy, leaders who are strategic contribute more at higher levels, and understanding organizational connectivity is essential to enterprise leadership. Based on these principles we help our clients realize their full potential and successfully navigate the complexities of their organizations in those decisive moments of leadership.


If you’re looking to move beyond your current capabilities to achieve next-level leadership, Copperbox can help.

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